If I Only

Armando Almase
1 min readNov 25, 2020
Photo by Patrick Fore

If I only had a dog that couldn’t eat,
Just sat and begged me for a treat.
While my kids laid starving on the floor,
My dog, that sat, would beg no more.

If I only had a sow that oinked all day,
I’d tell my kids to go out and play.
That sow would fill our stomachs each,
Then I’d use its skin to fill the window’s breach.

If I only had a cow that mooed and mooed,
While my kids laid begging for some food.
I’d close its eyes for eternity,
Then use its milk to make some brie.

Alas, I don’t have a dog, nor a sow, nor a cow,
I don’t have kids anymore, anyhow.
My life is gone and so am I,
So I’ll just lie here until I die.

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Armando Almase

Husband, father, and friend. Analyst and storyteller. Licensed advocate and educator. Published book author. Former EMS professional and LEO.